About Me

I'm Emma, sole blogger of Awkwordly Emma, although I occasionally have friends guest-host Random Fridays or review books for me.  I'm a twenty-something bookworm who loves writing, baking, music, God, Disney, Taylor Swift, fashion, history, fairytales, Shakespeare, and Broadway musicals.  I'm notorious for killing off characters based off of my friends in the novels I write.  On the writing front, I've been writing stories since about 2006 and thinking of it as my dream/career since 2010.  On the bookish front, I've been hooked since I was 2 and broke and bookish since only 2013 or 2014 (I used to have more self-restraint when it came to buying books).

I've been blogging since 2011.  This blog was originally titled Bookworm/Future Author, but I updated the name in December 2013 to something that I think stands out better and isn't as cumbersome to say or type.  I began reviewing books in May 2013, and I partnered with a local independent bookseller (Read Between the Lynes) in July 2013 to review ARCs.
I also write monthly for my university's chapter of The Odyssey. You can find the link to my profile and articles below.

Various Ways to Contact Me:

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