Review and Giveaway Policies

Review Policy
I am currently open to review requests. When I am accepting them, I review YA and accept ARCs, finished copies, and e-galleys.  I never accept audiobooks or self-published books.  Genre-wise, I am not very picky.  I prefer contemporary, historical, fantasy, dystopian, fairytale retellings, Christian, and light romance.  I do NOT enjoy paranormal, murder mysteries, heavy romance, non-fiction, poetry, or adult fiction. Please send all requests to MDBCnumber1fan [at] gmail [dot] com.
If I accept a book, it does not guarantee I will review it.  However, it is highly likely that I will, even if it was a Did Not Finish.  I make every effort to finish and review books with regard to release dates, but I cannot always guarantee this.  If you want the book reviewed within a certain time frame, please specify in your email.
I write honest, fair reviews, but I am not guaranteed to like every book.  I strive to explain why I didn't like a book.  DNF reviews will not be formatted like my normal reviews; they will be much shorter and will explain why I did not finish the book.
All reviews contain the following: cover art, basic information about the book (title, author, sometimes release date), my rating (which will be discussed in detail below), where I received the book, a summary from Goodreads, and the review.
The rating is done on a grade scale.  A's generally mean I liked the book a lot.  B's mean it was good but not great or it was great but had major content issues.  C's mean the book wasn't that great, but it also maybe wasn't terrible.  D's and below mean I didn't enjoy the book at all and it had major content issues.

Giveaway Policy
Occasionally, I host giveaways for books and swag. Obviously, to provide the prize to the winner, I must request your address. I will never give this address to anyone, apart from trusted publishers and authors if they're providing the prize. Additionally, once the prize has been shipped and received, I will delete the email with the address (unless you have given me permission to hold onto your address for any reason). I also promise to never stalk you or come to your house without your permission. 

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